Welcome to the last website on earth that doesn’t have ads, doesn’t use tracking cookies, and isn’t trying to sell you something.  In fact, quite the opposite, this site is here to provide free images  and is here strictly for entertainment 😉  This website is here to supplement my passion for photography and provide a means to make some of the images I’ve taken available to others.  I have contemplated a lot of options to help offset the cost of equipment, website fees and so forth but for now I like the ‘free’ option better.

If we met at an event, like a car show, and you’re looking for some specific pictures please check the ‘event list’ menu item above for the particular event but keep in mind I usually do some post-editing of my shots and it often takes me days, even weeks, to get images posted.  If you want to pull my chain a little you can do that by sending an email using the ‘contact’ page shown above.

After a lot of trial and error with various image gallery programs, website image hosting, and WordPress galleries I think I’ve settled on using an API interface to my Flickr site.  I’ve tried various other image sites like PhotoBucket, 500px, and Smugmug and decided a combination of my own website and Flickr works well enough and gives me the added control I want and eliminates the need to upload images to multiple places.

Here’s the last 8 images uploaded to my Flickr site and provides a good example of the interface between my website and my Flickr account.  If you click on any of the images below (or pretty much anywhere else on this site) you will be magically transported to the associated Flickr page providing links to various size images you can download from thumbnails to full resolution.

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