Got questions about the images from ChallengerFest 8?  Even with the rain out on Saturday CF8 included some great racing on Friday and a lot of extraneous events on Saturday and Saturday night.  I took a little over 1,300 images from the event, mostly at the track.   I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the track photography this year and have answered most of those questions on this page – http://www.wesedens.com/cf8-photos/

High resolution images uploaded so far:  http://www.wesedens.com…/challengerfest-8/

I’m struggling with what to do with this site. I’ve had a website of one sort or another since about 1999. I started out with a small law enforcement focused site that grew to over a millions hits a year and included a number of online programs for accident, fingerprint, and agency database searching. It became overwhelming so I divided parts of it up to other law enforcement sites and moved on swearing I’d never get that involved in something online that would be come so time consuming and overwhelming.

As I near to the end of my 35+ year career this site has faded further and further down my list of likes as far as hobbies go. I’m keeping the domain, and the site, at least for a while while I decide where I want to go with it. Maybe after I retire (June 1, 2017), and during the winter, I’ll decide to do something with it.


The flickr connectionI have used the photo publishing and social media site Flickr for a number of years and, because of that, I had little interest in moving my images (currently 1,420) to Facebook, Photobucket, 500px, or any of the others.  I’ve had a lot of suggestions, and I appreciate those suggestions, but the bottom line is I have a Flickr Pro account that I pay for, it integrates with my website and some other programs I use already so I doubt I will be changing anytime soon.  In many cases the images shown here are actually residing on my Flickr account (an often in high resolution format). 

More information about the integration of this site with my Flickr account, can be found here.  That includes information on obtaining high resolution images as well as images of various sizes depending on where and how you intend to use those images.  Here are the last six images I have uploaded to Flickr:

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